About Us

We believe that raw, tactile elements add warmth, intrigue, and familiarity to a space. We find passion in discovering the elements that make each house a home. At Piece by Piece Interiors (PBPI), we appreciate tactile design and believe furniture and accessories beg to be touched. We adore furniture that is undeniably raw and a little rough around the edges. In the words of blind architect Chris Downey, "By paying greater attention to all the senses, environments can be more enjoyable and stimulating, without becoming more stressful."

“We enjoy creating personalized, sophisticated interiors that are imperfectly perfect”

Let Piece by Piece Interiors help you embrace your space by transforming your home into a personable unique sanctuary, that is both beautiful and accessible. We enjoy mixing old and new, imperfect pieces with other more refined furnishings; this adds character, layers of interest, and helps to build a uniquely personalized space.

“The end product should be a setting that reflects the homeowners personality, the character of the space and showcases the objects within it.”

With PBPI,  you can expect streamlined budgets, organized project management and a home which truly reflects your personality. Some of the services we offer include:


Lighting can make a significant impact in the overall mood of your home. We specializes in high quality lighting solutions.


We have a talented artistic eye for choosing the pieces of art that will balance your space as well as highlight your unique style.


Custom draperies can add detail and drama to your home. They can also be a beautiful focal point of your room, add softness, color, and texture.


Properly appointed furniture is the heart of a well-designed room. We will compose your fundamental furnishings into a balanced look by carefully considering proportion and scale. We will make sure that your furniture selections meet your every need and do more than just look fabulous.


We know through research that a staged home sells more quickly and for a higher price than a home that is empty or not professionally staged.  With this in mind, we offer full or partial staging, as well as consulting services.


Reach Out To Us At:  info@piecebypieceinteriors.com